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    • Ciag dalszy na pewno będzie. Jako, że lata to już od dłuższego czasu, to będą to głównie doświadczenia z użytkowania (w tym rozbijania) i modyfikacje/ulepszenia. Tylko czasu trochę muszę znaleźć na opisanie tego wszystkiego.

  1. Nice tricopter. I just started building and flying tricopters about a month ago. I’ve been reading your blog because I am going to try the same FC board. I prefer the KK2,but they are hard to come by,so I am going to try this board. I have some suggestions from my brief flying experience. Use connectors between your motor leads and your esc’s. That way if you crash and your motor breaks loose you won’t pull out the wires from your motors. Use zip ties on the esc side of the connectors,so the motor leads pull out during a crash. A very good build video is from Simplecopter. He builds and sells tricopters,T Copters,etc. His video’s give some good advise. Good luck with your Tricopter.

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