• Model memory (maximum 31).
  • Each model comprise of:
    • comments, model name is one of them and is mandatory (maximum 256 per model) – they could be assigned to channels and blocks
    • channels, some are dedicated to inputs, some to outputs, the rest could be used for trims, reverses, connections between blocks etc. (maximum 253 per model)
    • blocks, they do math operations on input channels and store result to another channel(s) (maximum 255 per model)
    • block processing order, right now you must manually generate list of blocks in order they should be processed
  • 8 output channels, but it could be increased keeping in mind that output frame should be extended
  • 8 analog inputs, they can be also ‘conditioned’ and used for switches
  • PPM output (super accurate, jitter free, ~11000 steps per channel)
  • internal calculations does on 16 bit fixed point numbers (6+10), it is equivalent of more than 2048 steps
  • serial bootloader, so firmware upgrade could be done using standard usb-serial cable/interface
  • Colour LCD screen
  • 6 keys for menu navigation
  • Open source!


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