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LCD88: R/C DIY transmitter

Another one? 🙂 There are some other open source transmitter projects, so why did I start another one? At first, I started it in 2009 – there wasn’t too much free options avaliable, ready made transmitters were also very expensive. … Continue reading

Voltage divider for FrSky

Very simple voltage divider for FrSky. I use 3S battery, so I have maximum 12.6V while FrSky accepts only maximum 3.3V on its analog inputs. This time without schematic because there is no need to draw two resistors and two … Continue reading

Current sensor (30A)

Current sensor for OSD or FrSky elemetry up to 30A. Just another useful brick in telemetry equipment is current sensor. With right OSD or FrSky software it allows to show not only current draw but also remaining battery capacity, and … Continue reading

FrSky DHT TTL modification

This time not so simple mod of FrSky DHT module inspired by awesome application for Android: FrSky Dashboard Goal: make TTL level output from FrSky DHT module serial interface instead of standard RS232. Why? To easily connect bluetooth module and … Continue reading