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Tricopter – part 2

In part one of this build log I wrote about most mechanical things you should do to build a tricopter, also on addenium I wrote about my errors in making first part of tricopter (you should read it!). Now, it’s … Continue reading


On one happy day Santa Claus came into my home and brought me some parts to make the Tricopter 🙂 Since I saw detailed build log of David’s Tricopter I started to think about having one:-) Not about quadcopter, hexacopter … Continue reading

MultiWii 328P controller from HK

Another useful brick for FPV is plane stabilizer and autopilot. In HobbyKing there is a new multicopter controller with all needed sensors: gyroscopes (3D), accelerometers (3D), magnetometer (3D) and barometer (pressure/altitude sensor). This is mainly designed as multicopter controller but … Continue reading