Bluetooth dongle from China :-)

I’ve been using bluetooth headpones for few months and I like this ‘wireless’ feature. Only one issue bugs me – short range. Effectively it’s sbout 2-3 meters in my home 🙁
So, I came up with idea to buy external bluetooth dongle, preferably with external antenna to fix this problem.

I found such dongle on eBay for less than $2 (including shipping!). Yeah, real bargain. Description stated: “Operation range: 0-100m.”.
That was all what I needed:-)

After some time I received:
Bluetooth dongle
Looks good, moving antenna was a little weird, but I thought that I might broke it (cheap is cheap and easy breakable).

But I couldn’t resist do disassemble it 🙂
And then surprise came outside:
Bluetooth dongle inside

External ‘antenna’ was only piece of plastic. It was so ridiculous, so I even can’t blame seller or manufacturer for a good joke. Ha ha ha 🙂
So, it reminded me that there is no such thing as free lunch.
Problem unresolved.

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2 Responses to Bluetooth dongle from China :-)

  1. Chakotay says:

    To bardziej juz ‘standard’ niz zart.
    Gdzies ok 10 lat temu nabylem podobne cudo z taka sama ‘antenka’ i jak widac nic sie nie zmienilo.
    Ciekawe ze komus sie chce ten dodatkowy zbedny element wytwarzac……

  2. majek says:

    Jeżeli podnosi to cenę, to jak widać się opłaca 🙂
    Te bez ‘antenki’ są tańsze.

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