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Writing to internal FLASH on Arduino

History In LCD88 I use internal flash as storage for model definitions. Of course, these should be editable without reflashing all firmware:-) On AVR chips writing to flash is only possible from bootloader section, so I needed such feature in … Continue reading

Christmas tree lamps with Arduino and WS2811 leds :-)

Somewhere at the beginning of November I discovered RGB LEDs with embedded controller: WS2812 and others. Idea was so cool for me that I had to own one to play with it 🙂 These chips became so common, that there … Continue reading

LCD88: R/C DIY transmitter

Another one? 🙂 There are some other open source transmitter projects, so why did I start another one? At first, I started it in 2009 – there wasn’t too much free options avaliable, ready made transmitters were also very expensive. … Continue reading

MultiWii 328P controller from HK

Another useful brick for FPV is plane stabilizer and autopilot. In HobbyKing there is a new multicopter controller with all needed sensors: gyroscopes (3D), accelerometers (3D), magnetometer (3D) and barometer (pressure/altitude sensor). This is mainly designed as multicopter controller but … Continue reading