Monthly Archives: August 2012


Here you can find some information, schematic and modification of HobbbyKing’s cheap E-OSD. Everything on that page i did almost year ago, but I think it deserves for some immortality and maybe it will be useful to someone 🙂 How … Continue reading

G-OSD mod – new input

G-OSD schematic diagram and making new analog input to it. I was very curious how everything is connected in G-OSD. It is similar to E-OSD but different – they added potientiometers, analog inputs and gps. And there was also one … Continue reading

Voltage divider for FrSky

Very simple voltage divider for FrSky. I use 3S battery, so I have maximum 12.6V while FrSky accepts only maximum 3.3V on its analog inputs. This time without schematic because there is no need to draw two resistors and two … Continue reading

Power splitter

Nice and easy power splitter. It’s not high current capable, but just to connect accesories with small current draw. Have you ever wondered how to connect all sensors, osd, video TX etc to battery? Me too 🙂 This is simple … Continue reading

Current sensor (30A)

Current sensor for OSD or FrSky elemetry up to 30A. Just another useful brick in telemetry equipment is current sensor. With right OSD or FrSky software it allows to show not only current draw but also remaining battery capacity, and … Continue reading