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Soldering AWG10 wire to XT60 connector

If you need more flight time, more battery capacity helps (to some extent) 🙂 But most batteries are designed for very high current, wires and connectors are also choosen for this purpose. It’s sometimes a problem. I use in my … Continue reading

Voltage divider for FrSky

Very simple voltage divider for FrSky. I use 3S battery, so I have maximum 12.6V while FrSky accepts only maximum 3.3V on its analog inputs. This time without schematic because there is no need to draw two resistors and two … Continue reading

Power splitter

Nice and easy power splitter. It’s not high current capable, but just to connect accesories with small current draw. Have you ever wondered how to connect all sensors, osd, video TX etc to battery? Me too 🙂 This is simple … Continue reading