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Marek Wodziński’s home page

My past projects (newer will appear as blog posts on this site):

  • GPS just DIY gps logger with basic informations displayed on lcd – page written mostly in polish.
  • 1-wire – my 1-wire projects
  • rex.mamy.to In 2001 there was a credit card size PDA called REX 6000. Xircom offered on special website rex.net possibility to synchronize some news, weather and etc. for offline use. And someday Intel seized Xircom and service was discontinued. During transition time (Intel announced one month grace period) I wrote entire replacement site (code had about 3000 php and 1500 pascal lines). Site had few thousands of active users. Right now (2012) it’s still working but only few people use it.
  • wizytowka.mamy.to – Small (30MB), outdated live-cd distribution based on Slackware 7.1. (year 2000/2001)
  • Slackpkg
  • DIY watchdog with LCD – just another DIY project from 2005 (only in polish language)
  • www.mamy.to – my server 🙂
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