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Classic keyboard for Lenovo X230

Small background Long time ago I was fan of Dell, but at some point in time where panoramic displays started appearing in laptops, Dell started to lag behind. Size of laptops also increased, so 14″ were no longer small one. … Continue reading

Changes, changes -> I’m moving from Tonga island to Saint Helena 🙂 The thing is that I realized is that my domain ‘‘ is quite valuable in Poland where I live (it translates to ‘we have it’), so I’m preparing … Continue reading

Writing to internal FLASH on Arduino

History In LCD88 I use internal flash as storage for model definitions. Of course, these should be editable without reflashing all firmware:-) On AVR chips writing to flash is only possible from bootloader section, so I needed such feature in … Continue reading

dm-cache in Slackware

bcache vs. dm-cache I tested bcache about year ago on my spare/backup server and it worked quite fine. But since then every newer kernel had new issues, even on mailing list there were suggestions that bcache should be marked back … Continue reading

Christmas tree lamps with Arduino and WS2811 leds :-)

Somewhere at the beginning of November I discovered RGB LEDs with embedded controller: WS2812 and others. Idea was so cool for me that I had to own one to play with it 🙂 These chips became so common, that there … Continue reading