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Changes, changes -> I’m moving from Tonga island to Saint Helena 🙂 The thing is that I realized is that my domain ‘‘ is quite valuable in Poland where I live (it translates to ‘we have it’), so I’m preparing … Continue reading

Bluetooth dongle from China :-)

I’ve been using bluetooth headpones for few months and I like this ‘wireless’ feature. Only one issue bugs me – short range. Effectively it’s sbout 2-3 meters in my home 🙁 So, I came up with idea to buy external … Continue reading

2013 ended, 2014 is here

It’s time to write something 🙂 On some other blog I saw that one man have problem: should he write more small things, or less but longer and ‘better’. I think that I have similar problem. I’m still trying to … Continue reading

(Polski) Harpagan 46

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

End of Rex 6000 era

Somewhere in 2001 year I was hooked by small PDA with touch screen: Xircom REX 6000. There was also very broad community with active developers around this device. Addons, applications, hints and hacks were popping around 🙂 This was quite … Continue reading