Tricopter part 1.5 :-)

Current status of my Tricopter is: flying 🙂
Tricopter - flying :-)

I know that i should finish my build log, but I think that telling about mistakes I made in first part is more important for now.

Failures so far:

  1. I didn’t glue motors’ cables – it cost me one motor during a crash. Glue cables to motors just like in David’s blog!
    Motor - broken cable
  2. I used thread locker for securing screws in prop savers, but I didn’t glue prop saver to motor shaft. And this is a result:

  3. I didn’t secure motor mount screws – that was one of the causes of above crash. Use locker for screws and also between motor and mount!
  4. Thought that prop savers are good 🙁 I crashed 3 times because of that. Two times because prop saver loose itself on motor shaft and flew away with propeller, one time because rubber band broke. Don’t use prop savers for tricopter – it makes only troubles!
  5. HK15148B Digital Servo was also mistake – it has a free-play that causes bad oscilations of yaw mechanism. I changed it to Corona DS238MG and now everything is fine.
    Modification of Corona servo is pretty the same as for HK15148B:
    Corona DS238MG inside
    Corona DS238MG after modification

At the end another nice picture of Tricopter 🙂

I think that part two of build log will be available soon 🙂

UPDATE 2013.08.30: Part two of build log is available 🙂

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