Monthly Archives: June 2013

RTL2832U spectrum analyzer – part 2

In previous part i wrote about LifeViev DVB-T usb stick based on RTL2832U and Fitipower FC0013 tuner. In spite of information on site, FC0013 in this stick doesn’t go up to 1.1GHz :-(. In fact, from my experience it … Continue reading

Tricopter part 1.5 :-)

Current status of my Tricopter is: flying 🙂 I know that i should finish my build log, but I think that telling about mistakes I made in first part is more important for now. Failures so far: I didn’t glue … Continue reading

Removing some query parts from referers in AWStats

For checking what’s going on my blog and other sites I use AWStats – very popular and powerful web logs analyzer. Because I have many hits from forums, many referer links contains session ids. It pollutes ‘Links from an external … Continue reading