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RTL2832U spectrum analyzer – part 2

In previous part i wrote about LifeViev DVB-T usb stick based on RTL2832U and Fitipower FC0013 tuner. In spite of information on http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr site, FC0013 in this stick doesn’t go up to 1.1GHz :-(. In fact, from my experience it … Continue reading

Logic analyzer

This time there will be a combined article – something about my new toy: logic analyzer, but also there will be introduction to diversity video receiver. Logic analyzer If you do anything with digital equipment or diy projects etc, logic … Continue reading


On one happy day Santa Claus came into my home and brought me some parts to make the Tricopter 🙂 Since I saw detailed build log of David’s Tricopter I started to think about having one:-) Not about quadcopter, hexacopter … Continue reading

MultiWii 328P controller from HK

Another useful brick for FPV is plane stabilizer and autopilot. In HobbyKing there is a new multicopter controller with all needed sensors: gyroscopes (3D), accelerometers (3D), magnetometer (3D) and barometer (pressure/altitude sensor). This is mainly designed as multicopter controller but … Continue reading

G-OSD mod – adding programming pins (ISP)

This is my modification of G-OSD from HobbyKing. Goal: – Connect smaller and lighter Mediatek based gps module (GlobalTop Gms-u1LP) instead of stock big and heavy – Make reprogramming easy. Why smaller gps module? Because it’s smaller 🙂 , draw … Continue reading