2013 ended, 2014 is here

It’s time to write something 🙂
On some other blog I saw that one man have problem: should he write more small things, or less but longer and ‘better’.
I think that I have similar problem. I’m still trying to make nice posts with wide coverage of topic, but it needs a lot of effort, sometimes few hours of work or even more. Making it in two languages simultaneously also doesn’t help:-) Meantime some small things are getting lost because I’m working on something ‘bigger’. And sometimes this way produces … nothing.

Ok, so this is an attempt to come back:-)

In bygone 2013 I made a lot of flights with my Tricopter, crashed it many times, installed FPV gear, tried few different version of MultiWii, even experimental PID by alexK (which is great!), I made hundreds GB of aerial footage (mostly boring:-) ). But it is a past now, the best way to go forward is to keep good memories and leave other things behind.

So, as a small reminiscence of 2013 another spectatular Tricopter crash (I flew it without FPV and made few almost rookie mistakes):

Lessons learned:

  • add LEDs to arms if you want to fly till a dusk or even during a night (I didn’t see orientation of Tricopter and that’s why I got lost)
  • MultiWii have HeadFree mode – use it! And of course check it right after start – it could easily save me then, but I panicked and forgot about this feature
  • GPS and RTH could be easiest rescue
  • buy insurance policy! (this time nothing happened, but it’s better to be on the safe side)

Enough about past, I think that you could be curious what could be next 🙂
So, that’s the list of things in queue to write about:

Small sneak peek of LCD88 in action:

Of course, if you need to see some topic earlier, just leave a comment 🙂

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One Response to 2013 ended, 2014 is here

  1. MOdelarz says:

    Człowieku ! nie zastanawiasz się nad tym że możesz kogoś zabić ! Nie zauważyłeś że lecąc niedaleko drogi mogłeś spowodować kolizję ! OC jak kogoś zabijesz nie pomoże ci przed KRATAMI i SUMIENIEM.

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