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(English) LCD88 – free R/C transmitter — 3 komentarze

  1. Can You show wiring for connect display with procesor?

    And if possible links to displays in ebay?

    • More about displays you could find here:
      Basically, all modules are connected:
      – power supply (5V is fine) and ground
      – lcd backlight: ground and +5V via resistor (30-75R)
      – SCK: via level converter to SCK/D13 on Arduino
      – SDA: via level converter to MOSI/D11
      – CS: via level converter to D4
      – AO: vial level converter to D2
      – RESET: via level converter to D3

      Phrase for ebay search: „1.8 tft spi 128×160 module”. You will get 3 kinds of them. Red and blue require level converter for connection to Arduino. White one (for Arduino Esplora) have built-in level converter, so it can be connected directly to Arduino.

      I hope I’ll find some time soon to make build log with everything explained.

  2. man….this is awsome ….this project really worth continuity i think even more than OPENTX becouse with a Dirt cheap atmega328 if u can archive this much think about what this can do in the super beefy STM32F205 on taranis….looking forwward to contribute my self ….keep up the good work

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